Afternoon Programs

Subject - "Why World Peace is Possible: Exploring the Anatomy of Violence and War"

Sponsored by Bishop Walter F. Sullivan Pax Christi Community of Hampton Roads

Paul K. Chappell, Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Paul K. Chappell, a West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and former US army captain who serves as Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, offers a new vision of hope, radical empathy, and a world beyond violence and war. Chappell grew up in Alabama with a Korean immigrant mother and a part African-American/part Caucasian father who suffered extreme war trauma from combat roles in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Growing up in a violent household, Chappell now teaches the powerful form of leadership practiced by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., grounded in nonviolence skills and action. He has authored a seven book series, “Road to Peace.”

Time: Saturday, October 1st, 1– 2:20 p.m.
Location: Location: Monumental Chapel

Town Hall Discussion

Subject - "Standing Together in a Culture of Fear Town Hall Discussion".

This Town Hall discussion will be moderated by Barbara Hamm Lee, host and executive producer of "Another View" radio program heard Fridays on WHRV 89.5 FM.

RACE: LET’S TALK ABOUT IT Moderated by Barbara Hamm Lee, Host and Executive Producer of Another View radio program, WHRV 89.5 FM The Town Hall discussion offers a safe space for members of the community to have open and honest conversation about how to move away from the divisiveness that has gripped our nation and to move toward a more peaceful and inclusive society.  We will talk about how to heal, empower, and revitalize our lives and our communities. Come and share what you are feeling about what’s happening in our country and what has led to these issues. Offer your ideas for what we can do to create a more inclusive and peaceful world, society, community, home, life, and self.

Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at VWC and WHRO Public Media.

Time:         2:30 - 4 pm
Location:   Boyd Dining Hall


Largest Drum Circle in the World Drum-logo

Arthur Lopez from will lead this global event, accompanied by other drummers. The intent is Arthur Lopez, Facilitator, Organizer, Instructor, Drum Your Dream Saturday, October 1 l 3:306 p.m. Jane P. Batten Student Center, The Grille Arthur Lopez, of “Drum Your Dream,” will lead a rhythmbased shared experience designed to gather the community and to— togetherdrum for peace. The drum circle is ongoing and everyone is invited to join, regardless of musical ability or age. Hand percussion instruments will be available, or you may bring your own. No drumming experience is required./">Facebook Event posting

Time:    4 - 5:30 pm    
Location:   Batten Center Grill


Time: 3 - 4 pm

Location: Aerobics Room

Standing Together Concert: Emceed by Nathan Richardson, Award Winning Performance Poet and Author Saturday, October 1 l 6:169 p.m. Jane P. Batten Student Center, The Grille This evening of music and performances includes: · Sharon Silverstein & The Peace Project – An accomplished singer/songwriter and Kirtan artist, Sharon Silverstein moves people to a greater selfawareness, unity, and world peace through sacred songs in an upbeat, motivational folk/rock style. · Teens with A Purpose – · Atumpan – A resident performance company at the Crispus Attucks Cultural Center led by founding members LaQuita Marie Staten and Corey the Talented Blind Guy. The ensemble combines music, storytelling, and dance. · Hampton Roads Boy’s Choir – · 3 Lives 4 Peace – A once only group that includes Bob Young, a retired teacher, therapist, and poet; Charles Clarke, a world class musician who plays multiple classical exotic instruments; and Rick Mateo, a session drummer and founder of the One Love Festival